"X" Forms are the highest power of a digital creature. 
Legend Star

a legend star among several others.

How to become an X Form Edit

For a creature to become an X, it needs to find its own special star, the Legend Star. After evolving, the X Form flies to X Haven, where it can watch over the over world.

Known FactsEdit

Very little is known about X Forms since noone knows how to get to X Haven, but they do have a couple facts:

-They need to be in unity or they become powerless.

-The pendants around their necks is their main source of power.

-Their batteries can go for 200 years without resting. 


As the Earth was being created, radioactive dust created Legend Stars, which gave birth to the first X Forms. The first digital creatures were created as scraps from the stars and were not pure enough to join the X Forms in X Haven, so they were sent to the real world to protect nature. After humans began to colonize and pollute the Earth, Ultimate made the Internet for them and the X Forms, which dissappeared.

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