Here's yet another page to lock because people were picky about the gender...geez. I was going to change his gender to female, but looks like that's not what people want. 

Vinyl Scratch is a character in Get Ready. 
Vinyl Scratch by MoongazePonies
Name Vinyl Scratch
Other Names Vinyl, Scratchy, Dj-Pon3
gender Male
type Electric-Fairy
allies Ponies, Bronies, Digitals
enemies Hamsha
alliance good
group Ponies


He is a white unicorn stallion with a blue and light blue striped mane and tail, and red eyes. Her cutie mark is a music note


he is loud and fun-loving. She likes to be loose and careless as she plays her wubs.

Other notes

He is known as the Music Unicorn creature.

NeonPaw , WoodenToaster , LonelyWolfCore, LaserPon3 (and god knows who else) share his mane style. 
Vinyl Scratch's egg

Vinyl's egg