UnEscapeable Melody is one of Doodle 2's OC ponies. 
Unescapable Melody

Unescapable's current form

Name Unescapable Melody
Other Names The Unescapable (formerly), Melody, Autumn Sound
Gender  Female
Type Electric-Steel
Allies Doodle 2, Bronies, Digitals

Bronies (formerly), Hamsha

Alliance Bad, later Good
Group Bronies

Appearance Edit

She is a green unicorn mare with dark teal eyes and a yellow mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a skull and crossbones, with the crossbones replaced with red guitars.

Personality Edit

Unescapable's egg

Unescapable's egg. Notice how the egg keeps the features her old self had.

She is very determined and prepared. She likes to make sure everything in a plan is organized. However, when Doodle 2 improved her he accidentally left her preditory nature with her, so she needs

to be watched around other ponies.

Origin Edit

You may have never guessed, but, she was once a horrendous alicorn called The Unescapable, a former princess that went insane and decided to murder fillies and colts. She remained in back of Doodle 2's pony room for days until he came out and picked her up. She was carried to the Pony Creator, where she was improved and her name was changed. She is considered Doodle 2's "best" OC pony. She was there to reunite with Nightmare and NeonPaw at the end of MissingDanceParty.


-She is known as the Monster creature. 

Unescapable drawing 2

Unescapable drawing

Former self

Melody recalling her former (and hideous) self.

Unescapable Melody cutie mark

Her new mark