"Mmm! Tastes like chocolate!"

-Spectra Dash , after Abluskittle gives her a blue Thumberry

"My stomach hurts..."

-Oliver , after accidentally eating a red Thumberry.

"I'm not very hungry..."

-Angel/Devil Dog , after eating a purple Thumberry. 

Thumberries are a special kind of berry needed for food.

Appearance Edit

They are blue thumbs-up shaped berries. Unhealthy ones are red and shaped like a thumbs-down. Neutral ones are purple and grow sideways. 

Nutrition Edit

Blue ones are good for creatures, making their hearts expand so they can take in more love to prevent them from becoming overpowered tyrants.

Red ones are bad for a creature. They make the creature think negative about itself and cause a stomach churn. The nausea and depression can last for atleast an hour per berry.

Purple ones have both ups and downs. They make the creature feel numb, but also increases the power and love capacity. The numbness only lasts for 50 minutes but during it, the creature will not feel much. 

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