The Wall of Shame is where the characters place the names of users that harassed them or one or more of their allies. It can be found in a corner of the CLG Hall.

Known Names (and reasons) Edit

-FunnyDuck5640 (spammed BronyDanceParty with hate comments on his master's videos.)

-MirandaRox353 (Cut off Freddy's legs and burned them, giving no reason)

-BlockGod (covered Doodle 2 with gravel, where he nearly suffocated)

-Randomknowsalot23 (stole Lifty , painted him orange and tried to pass him off as her own)

-SuriusLord (The Sushi Pack had built a replication of an aquarium, only to have him put holes in it and paint on one of its walls saying "Sushi ain't tasty")

-Roblox is best toast (unskown reason)

-You (your mom existed) 

Jooooeeeeeeeeeyyyy (

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