The Forgotten Server is an episode of Get Ready. In this episode, Cub wanders to a forgotten server, and the other Happy Tree Friends must find him.


Wandering Off Edit

One sunny morning, the Happy Tree Friends sit down on a riverbank to catch their breakfast. They are so enthralled in trying to catch a certain fish Cub gets bored and wanders off, seeing if the other baby creatures want to play. Seeing they're helping their clans catch food as well, Cub decides to wander by himself. He heads past the Logo Hall and soon comes across a lost door with a code on a rusted plaque: He giggles and steps inside.

Where's Cub?!Edit

Licking fish off his lips, Cuddles happily calls for Cub. The Treeites ask others if they saw Cub until they hear Mimsie's yelps at the Logo Hall. They find her on the floor having slipped on liquid that had left Cub's tracks. Pop follows the tracks and comes across the door. 

The ServerEdit

When the happy Tree Friends enter the door, they discover an abandoned, crumbling world. In disbelief and hoping Cub is okay, they split up by the color of their fur-Cuddles, Flaky, and Petunia take primary paths, Handy, Flippy and Toothy take secondary, and Splendon't, Disco Bear, Nutty, Splendid, Mime, and Mole on tertiary paths. Giggles, Lumpy, Shifty, Lifty, Lammy, Mr. Pickels, Russell, Sniffles, and Pop stayed at center. Little do they know the creatures living in the server were never deactivated or reused. They're lurking in the shadows, wanting revenge. 

Flaky whimpers and walk by herself, shyly calling to Cub. 

Other Notes Edit (or LUMPY) was an actual server owner by Big Idea productions. They got rid of it at the time of King George and the Ducky, and gave it a "funeral" in the credits.

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