"Just an earth pony? If you have the ability to grant wishes like that, you ought to be an earth pony-unicorn hybrid. Kinda OP, if you ask me...but whatever. You're a G3. And i'm not a writer. So, do you have a type? You look like a fairy type to me...well, hopefully not, we've got too many of those."


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Sky Wishes is a character in Get Ready.

Appearance Edit

A Purple-Pink G3 earth pony (why not?) with a purple and pink striped mane and tail, and two-tone green eyes. Her cutie mark is a kite and a butterfly.

Personality Edit

Despite being an earth pony, she has the ability to grant wishes by catching them while they come to earth in the form of kites. She is bubbly and social, like many G3 ponies.

Origin Edit

She accidentally wished herself into the G4 Ponyville. IBringDaLulz decided to become friends with her due to similar design and he got the other ponies to teach Sky Wishes their ways. 

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