The Runastrays are minor antagonists. They are six runaway ponies-Leader Baretail, Messy Curls, Feathered Fracture, ZigZag, Goth Skies, and Pale Hooves. They tried to get BronyDanceParty to join them in MissingDanceParty.


The six ponies were created by an unamed brony with the purpose of being his "Mane 6". They decided they had better lives to live and took off, far away from their master without their collars and before the brony could give them their cutie marks. They run around the Digital World's cities, mainly causing accidental trouble.




"Say, you , we did some chattin' and...we decided....despite THIS....and THIS...we like your spunk." 

 BareTail is the bright yellow unicorn stallion with a royal blue mane, tail, and eyes. He has part  of his tail missing (hence his name). He is the most ravenous and naughty of the bunch, and if you didn't accept the invitation into the Runastrays-he would have the group force you.

Goth SkiesEdit

Goth Skies
"What are you-don't tell ANYONE you saw this, ok?-or so help me i will pummel you!"

She is the blue pegasus mare with the purple mane, tail, and eyes. As her name suggests, she is given a goth style. Most of the time she acts like she does not care about anything and easily gets fustrated or upset-but she also laments the loss of her master, as their home's adress is secretly written on the back of her skull necklace.

Pale HoovesEdit

"Oh cool, another guy with two color hooves. Just like yours truly"

Pale Hooves

As his name suggest, he is a green stallion with orange hair, and pale green hooves. He likes to see new environments on his group's travels, and is by far the most well behaved and laid back of the group.


"I may look normal...but, ooh, i'm really not on the inside! I'm SUPER HYPER! I can hardly-IS THAT A SPARROW?!"


He is the light red stallion with a yellow mane and tail. He is hyper and can hardly stand still, but it makes him very fast so he usually is the one

to get food for the team. 

Feathered FractureEdit

"See these wings bud? I can twist em. I don't know why, i just...can."

Feathered Fracture

She is a dark gray pegasus mare with a blue mane and tail. She is named after a strange disfiguration in her wings that allows her to twist them around. She is sometimes depressed yet daring, and may have been part of the idea to run off from their master.

Messy Curls Edit

Messy Curls
"You're just saying that..."

He is an orange unicorn stallion with a yellow mane and tail. His hair is unusually messy and he is usually shy and negative about it.