"My creators were trolls..."

-Ruko Yokune, introducing himself to the other fandoms.

Ruko Yokune is a character in Get Ready.
Ruko mv 111118


He/she is a light skinned humanoid hermaphrodite (having parts of both gender) with raven black hair, a purple cape, a red eye and a blue eye, and a blue tie and belt.


He/she is normally a bit awkward and confused, but is also very dramatic. His parts are 10% female and 90% male.
【UTAU-Synth】Die In A Fire【Ruko Yokune ♂ KIRE】03:06

【UTAU-Synth】Die In A Fire【Ruko Yokune ♂ KIRE】

Ruko Yokune voice sample (male)

Bad Apple!! 【UTAU】~ Yokune Ruko05:16

Bad Apple!! 【UTAU】~ Yokune Ruko

Ruko Yokune voice sample (female)

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