Royal Leaves is a character in Get Ready.  
Royal Leaves (2)

Royal Leaves's current form

Name Royal Leaves
Other names Leafy, Royal
Gender male
Type Grass-Ground
Allies Digitals, Bronies, Happy Tree Friends
Alliance good
Group Bronies


He is a pale orange earth pony with light orange eyes, bright orange mane and tail. His cutie mark is a autumn leaf. 
Royal Leave's egg

Royal's egg

Personality Edit

He is very calm, shy and caring. He loves nature walks, hot cocoa, and collecting small nuts, leaves and other trinkets. He likes to explore new places, which has more than once gotten him into trouble. He became close friends with the Happy Tree Friends over their love of nature. 

Other notesEdit

He is known as the Nature creature 
Royal Leaves cutie mark

His new mark

Royal drawing

Royal drawing