Rocky is a member of PAW Patrol, a subgroup of Nickelodeon.

Appearance Edit

Rocky is a gray mixed breed with chestnut brown eyes, lighter gray spots, and a thin tail which forks into three prongs of fur. One ear is bent, the other is straight. His paws, tail tip, and cheek hair are all white. His uniform consists of a green shirt and a green and white hat, and his pup tag is adorned with the recycling symbol.

Personality Edit

Rocky often shows intelligence and a sturdy temperament. He is the second most laid back after Zuma, and is highly resourceful.

Notes Edit

-He is the 5th PAW Patrol member.

-His Pup Pack utilizes a screwdriver, claw arm, and hammer.

-His vehicle is a miniature recycling/garbage truck.

-He may be a mix of some type of terrier, due to his size and the shape

of his ears. (He is sometimes mistaken for one)

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