Putrid Pizza (Not to be confused with his cousin) is a member of the Grossery Gang clan. 
Arguably the first Grossery created

Arguably the first Grossery.

Appearance Edit

Like his cousin, he is a dirty piece of pizza. He has a little bit of mould on the top of his head, as well as the spot near his crust. Assorted mushrooms, olives, and what appears to be peppers cover his body. He also has some kind of purple substance on the bottom portion of his body. His eyes, almost all members are the Moose Family, are black.

Personality Edit

He loves to establish dominance. (Even if he's not supposed to have it) He is very well aware that he is the Alpha of his clan, but usually lets another Grossery lead for him if he needs it. Despite his persistence, it doesn't take a lot to get him to listen to you.