When the Digital Creatures were created and polished by their owners, they did not come out perfect. They have certain glitches, errors and faults which cause them to behave in strange ways.

Darkness Edit

Most creatures have an oversight that makes them hallucinate strange things in the dark. However, newer creatures, such as the Animatronics, and some ponies do not have this oversight.

Forgetfulness Edit

Some creatures like Doodle 2 often get confused about whether or not someone was talking to them, or being oblivious to something.

Hyperactivity Edit

Sometimes a creature's energy gets to high and they begin to run around for varying timespans.

Flexibility and inability to move certain parts Edit

Part of creature polishing involves controlling their flexibility. If they become too loose, they stretch, flop, and bend in strange ways due to too soft a skeleton, shell, and wire frame.

If too tight in an area, they would not be able to move said area.

Blacking out Edit

If a creature runs too fast for too long, they will overheat and black out.

Impulsive Anger Edit

Sometimes creatures become overly upset with someone or something, unleashing blistering fury. Luckily, creatures with this oversight can also be calmed down quickly.

Overpower Edit

Creatures need love to function properly and stay young. But if they gain too much love, they become monsters and begin trying to take over any other fandom. This did actually happen to the Animatronics once, specifically in Bad Fandom! To prevent this, they must be given Thumberries to expand the amount of love they can take, but another way is to have a protective fanbase to remind each-other their reason for living, such as the Brony-Pony relationship.

Invisibility Edit

Ever since the events of How it began, characters have the strength to break through computer screens (especially if they have a weak point, such as a crack) but remember how they need love? The love comes from people in their fanbases, who gain the ability to see them. If they come in contact with humans that aren't in their fanbase, they become invisible.

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