"Leave that guy alone! So what if he's a recolor?! I'M a recolor, and you don't see ME forcing you to like me!" 

PrinceWhateverer is a character in Get Ready. He is the alpha of the bronies (according to him BronyDanceParty really isn't that digilent) 
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Name PrinceWhateverer
Other Names Princey
Gender Male
Type Electric-Flying-Fighting
allies bronies, Digitals
Enemies hamsha
alliance good
group Bronies (alpha)

Appearance Edit

he is a light beige pegasus stallion with a brown mane and tail, and brown eyes. His cutie mark is a crown, just like the one he wears on his head.

Personality Edit

He seems snobby and arrogant, but under the bad traits he is loyal and tough. 

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