When a new character or clan enters the world, they must receive a special potion. They are specially designed to fill in a part that has been missing, or enhance a certain part.

Potion Purpose Color Ingredients
Lassie This potion enhances social compatibility. Has a tart taste. yellow Half cup sugar, two lemons, three feathers, (any bird will do, but the potion works best if they are colorful) a maple leaf, and 1/4 cup honey.
Mammoth This potion enhances strength. Has a salty taste. dark gray Half cup flour, pebbles (just a few) a chicken leg, a small piece of iron (potion works best if it is not rusty) two teaspoons salt, the egg of a robin, and a poison ivy leaf. (Will lose its poison as it is mixed. Handle with caution!)
Summer This potion thaws an icy heart. Like Lassie, it enhances social compatibility, but Summer also enhances alertness. Has a sugary taste. orange Chocolate, a Charmander tail, two coals, an oak leaf, 3 cups sugar, a Daffodil, two dandelions, a sunflower, and 1 cup tomato stew.
Glacier This potion enhances defense. Has a cold, slightly bitter taste. light gray

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