Pinkie Pie is a character in Get Ready. 
225px-Pinkie Pie ID S4E11
name Pinkie Pie
Other names Pinkie, Pinkemena
gender female
type physic-rock
allies Everyone
enemies hamsha
alliance good, bad when Pinkemena
group Ponies

Appearance Edit

She is a pink earth pony with a darker pink mane and tail, and light blue eyes. Her cutie mark is 3 balloons, two light blue and one light yellow.

Personality Edit

She is cheerful, hyper and peppy, and she loves sweets like cupcakes-a perfect pal for BronyDanceParty and Nutty!

However...when she gets angry or upset, she becomes Pinkemena-her mane and tail straighten and flop, her color slightly darkens, and she becomes a hostile, agressive, insane murderer.

Pinkie is also a master of physics, able to float in the air or cling to the ceiling effortlessly.