PheonixFeather is one of Doodle 2's OC ponies.  
PheonixFeather new cutie mark


Name PheonixFeather
Other Names Firetail
Gender Female
Type Fire-Flying
Allies Bronies, Ponies, Digitals
enemies Hamsha
Aliiance neutral, later Good
Group Bronies

Appearance Edit

She is a flaming orange pegasus with red patches, and her mane and tail are orange and yellow. Her cutie mark is a feather.

Personality Edit

She is very hotheaded and organized.

Origin Edit

She was not actually made by Doodle 2. Her egg was found during a particular hiatus when Hamsha tried to steal all pegasus to work for her. WHile the Unicorns had to look for the pegisi, the earth ponies had to teach her how to fly. When she grew up, she joined the search for the pegisi. They were soon found-it turned out they had been left for dead on an airship they were left to pilot. They were lead back home, where Pheonix was given proper flight lessons. She was then taken under Doodle 2's wing and she became a part of his OC family. She was there to reunite with Nightmare and NeonPaw at the end of MissingDanceParty.  

Other Notes
Pheonix drawing

PheonixFeather drawing


She is known as the Pheonix creature.

Flight lessons

Filly PheonixFeather taking flight lessons.

Pheonix egg

Pheonix's egg.

Filly Pheonix

Pheonix soon after hatching.