Nightmare Eclipse is one of Doodle 2's OC ponies.  
Nightmare Eclipse

Nightmare's current form

Name Nightmare Eclipse
Other Names Mr. OP, Nightmare, Clipsy
Type Dark Electric
gender male
allies Doodle 2, Bronies, Digitals
alliance good
group Bronies

Appearance Edit

Nightmare Eclipse is a purple unicorn (formerly alicorn) stallion with a purple mane and tail, and purple eyes. His cutie mark is the sun, which has a circle taken out of it (meant to resemble an eclipse)

Like WoodenToaster, he has a mare shape because Doodle 2 didn't like the stallion's blocky head shape.

Personality Edit

Nightmare is a kind and caring guy. His feelings are easily hurt. 
Nightmare's egg

Nightmare's egg

Origin Edit

Nightmare was created when Doodle 2 wanted an oc of his own. Because he was made before Doodle 2 joined Google+, he was not aware of the trouble he would get into for his design.

He was given a partner, NeonPaw. They lived with and were trained by Doodle 2 for a long time. Unfortunatley, when Doodle 2 went to have them rated they were taken to Bad MLP Ocs for being "OP eyesores" and were locked in a cage with other OCs that did not meet their approval.

They stayed there for a very long time until the other bronies, who were looking for a runaway BronyDanceParty, found them. The bronies freed them and the OCS, also agreeing to remove Nightmare and Neon's wings (they didn't need them). Afterwards, they agreed to help them look for BronyDanceParty. 

Nightmare eclipse cutie mark

His new mark