Neonpaw is one of Doodle 2's oc ponies. 

Name NeonPaw
Other names Miss OP, EyesorePaw, OPpaw, Pawsy, Neon
gender female
allies Doodle 2, Bronies, digitals
enemies Hamsha
Type Electric Dark
alliance good
group Bronies

NeonPaw's current form, looking at her cutie mark.

NeonPaw emotions chart


Appearance Edit

NeonPaw is a black unicorn (formerly alicorn) mare with a black coat, hot pink eyes, and hot pink vinyl-style mane and derpy-style tail. Her cutie mark is a pawprint. She also has a special ability to change the colors to her eyes and highlights depending on her mood. (which, yes, is what got her into trouble with Bad MLP OCs) She recieved this ability when she fell into a tub of spectra as a filly. Her cutie mark is a pawprint. 

Personality Edit

NeonPaw's egg

Neonpaw's egg

Neonpaw is a tough pony. She cares for her friends and it is hard to get her to trust you.

Origin Edit

Neon was created because Doodle 2 wanted Nightmare Eclipse to have a partner. Unfortunatley, when Doodle 2 went to have them rated they were taken to Bad MLP Ocs for being "OP eyesores" and were locked in a cage with other OCs that did not meet their approval.

They stayed there for a very long time until the other bronies, who were looking for a runaway BronyDanceParty, found them. The bronies freed them and the OCS, also agreeing to remove Nightmare and Neon's wings (they didn't need them). Afterwards, they agreed to help them look for BronyDanceParty.  

Neonpaw makeover

NeonPaw after a makeover.


Neonpaw new cutie mark

This is her new mark.