Mixi is a character in Get Ready. 

Alanamixpony by mostbodacious-d4yn25r
Name Mixi
Other Names none
gender female
type electric-physic
allies Spectra Factory (formerly), Bronies, Digitals
enemies Spectra Factory, Hamsha
alliance bad, later good
group Bronies

Appearance Edit

She is a gray pegasus mare with a pink and black striped mane and tail, and crimson eyes. Her cutie mark is a pencil-like shape poking into a square. 

Personality Edit

She is tough yet caring and friendly, helping others any way she can.

Origin Edit

She first appeared in A DIfferent Kind Of Awoken as a Spectra Factory worker. She multitasked from doing her job to watching H8-Seed slowly become sadder and more scared. Finally, she decided she couldn't take it any longer and went to help him, breaking the shackles off his hooves and getting him to run. When H8_Seed was caught and cornered by the other workers, she flew to defend him and broke off his wing covers. She then followed H8 home where she reunited with the others. She now tags along with the other Bronies. 

Mixi's egg

Mixi's egg