"I'm Minty! I like green! And socks! No wait-green socks!"

Minty is a character in Get Ready. 
Tumblr mr36al38sJ1r0rc54o2 500
Name Minty
Other names none
gender female
type grass-fairy-ground
allies Ponies, Digitals
enemies Hamsha
alliance good
group Ponies

Appearance Edit

She is a light green (sometimes light blue) earth pony with a pink and lighter pink striped mane and tail, and purple eyes. Her cutie mark is 3 mint candies.

Personality Edit

Think Derpy Hooves+Pinkie Pie, and one has Minty. She may be klutzy but she's also very sweet and often makes up for her mistakes. You gotta admit she has a cute singing voice.  

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