Lavender Harmony is a character in Get Ready. 

Lavender harmony oc by noxwyll-d4isuby
Name Lavender Harmony
Other names Lavender, Pinksocks
Gender Female
Type electric-psycic
allies Bronies, Digitals
enemies Hamsha
alliance good
group Bronies

Appearance Edit

She is a yellow earth pony mare with pink socks, lavender hair (hence her name), a pink headband, and green eyes. Her cutie mark is a music note similar to that of Octavia.

Personality Edit

She is kind and friendly, helping others any way she can.

Origin Edit

Unlike other Bronies, lavender was abandoned by her owner when she moved on from ponies. (she reflected on this in her Dream Journey ) She ended up wandering alleys for a new home in the late winter air, defeating a mugger with a knife along her way. However, it turned out she was not the only one the Mugger attacked, and she finds H8-Seed's badly injured body in a mound of snow. She took the time to make a nest and care for him until the other Bronies found them. 
Lavender harmony's egg

Lavender's egg