Koopa Troopa is a character in Get Ready.  
Koopa Troopa
Name  Koopa Troopa
Other names Koops, Koopa, Turtle
Type water-grass
allies Doodle 2, digitals
enemies FGG
gender male
Alliance Good
Group Video Games

Appearance Edit

He is a yellow turtle-like creature with a green shell. Has a stuffed wriggler named Hoops.  
Koopa and hoops

Koopa and Hoops

Personality Edit

He tries to be important and uptight all the time, but he can't help but lose himself.

Origin Edit

Koopa Troopa and the other Mario characters were abandoned at birth. They were found by a girl named Candace. They grew up with her, until one day, on a car trip, the car suddenly died and they were sent out on a skateboard for help. They were eventually found by a Nintendo training clinic, where they were taught how to play MarioKart WII (the game they belonged to) After training, they were put in a smallbox and shipped to the home of the Pesarchick family. Then they lived with Doodle 2 and the rest of the family.