Kaai Yuki is a character in Get Ready. 
Ofclboxart ahs Kaai Yuki-illu

Appearance Edit

A lightskinned, blackheaded elementary school female with a red dress and tarnished amber eyes.

Personality Edit

She loves to pretend and draw. Oliver has a crush on her.  According to Otaku Gallery: "Yuki-chan is the first female vocaloid to have a child voice provider~ This means that her voice is naturally high instead of artificially tuned up so it's very soft and natural sounding when she reaches high notes."
【Kaai Yuki】Levan Polkka 【歌ってもらった】02:46

【Kaai Yuki】Levan Polkka 【歌ってもらった】

Yuki voice sample

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