H8_Seed is a character in Get Ready. 
H8 seed awoken pmv side rig by abluskittle-d5a2u9a
Name H8_Seed
Other Names Spark Plug, Seedy, H8er, Oddwings
Gender Male
Type Metal-Electric
Allies Bronies, Digitals
enemies Hamsha, Spectra Factory
alliance Good
group Bronies


He is a light gray pegasus stallion with honey yellow mane and eyes with circles underneath. He wears a Rainbow factory jacket at all times, rarely taking it off. His wings are also very strange-they consist of four brass beams with a feather on each, connected by another piece with no covering. Unlike virtually every other brony, he has no tail. 


He is very kindhearted, sweet, and gentle with feelings as fragile as his wings. He also becomes very scared if he is left all alone. He and WoodenToaster are very close. 


He is known as the Mechanical Pegasus creature/

He is frequently attacked by Lifty and Shifty due to his shiny wings. 
H8 Seed's egg

H8_Seed's egg