Get Ready is a large crossover featuring characters from all sorts of media, from TV to Youtube, and even ones from collectible series. Once humans turn off their screens, the characters can emerge from their proper places and roam within the Internet.  

Life in the Internet/Digital World Edit

The Internet is divided into seperate territories for each Clan. Each division is marked by a long tunnel, with the Overworld in the center.  

Relationship with the Real World Edit

Everyone has well coped with needing to perform for the people. They know their place and care for their humans dearly, despite being seperated by the Fourth Wall. They're widely seen as pacifists because of this. When the Boov abducted the humans, however...

Legends, Legend Stars, and X FormsEdit

Digital World has several legends and backstories of how the groups got along.  One of these is the M.U.G.E.N war, which many of the characters have mentioned throughout the series.

There are special stars in the night sky called Legend Stars. They shine on a creature, causing it to evolve into its final, or X, form. The newly evolved X then flies to X haven, where they live on to protect the others.

Character AnatomyEdit

Voice Box Edit

Containing the Vocal Cords so the characters can speak. The module in the box creates the words and they are sent up the vocal cords and wires and are spoken through the tongue.

Sensors Edit

All digitals have three sets of centers located in their faces.

Primary Sensors Edit

The Primary sensors are located in the nose and detect surroundings based on air bouncing off them. Especially useful to blind characters.

Secondary Sensors Edit

The Secondary sensors are located above the upper lip. They detect allies and enemies-turning hot or cold respectively.

Tertiary Sensors Edit

The Tertiary sensors are located on the lower jaw, near the cheeks. They can detect prey by way of heat. Primarily used by characters with the Creature blood type, although Humanoid types have them as well.

Blood Types Edit

Normally a digital's temperament is based on their blood type-Creature or Humanoid. Creature is usually used when a Creator wants to give a character an animalistic flair, while Humanoid gives them a laid back, civilized nature not different from us. It's important to mix the two bloods together in a certain way depending on how animalistic vs. how humanoid you want your character to be.