Freddy Fazbear is a character in Get Ready. 

Freddy During the day.

name Freddy Fazbear
Other Names Freddy, Fred, BadBear
type Dark grass
gender male
allies Children, Digitals
enemies any human from the digital world
alliance neutral
group Five Nights at Freddy's, Video Games

Appearance  Edit

Freddy trailer

Eat plenty of pizza, kids.

Freddy's egg

Freddy's egg

Freddy is your generic brown bear with blue eyes, a top hat, and bow tie.  In 2, Freddy is torn up just like the others. He no longer has his blue eyes, wires trail from his knee and elbow, and, like the others, several rips on his body.  

Freddy in 2.


Hes very peppy and jolly during the day, but at night he likes to hunt down any humans he finds. He is ok with digital humans, but instantly becomes hostile towards real world humans. 

other NotesEdit

He is known as the Animatronic Bear creature.