Foxy is a character in Get Ready. 

Foxy likes your office!

Name Foxy
Other names none
Type Dark water
gender male
allies digitals
enemies any real world human
alliance neutral
group Five Nights at Freddy's, Video Games


Foxy is a crimson fox with an orange underbelly, a hook on his hand, and yellow eyes. Unlike the others' designs (atleast the ones from the first game) Foxy is damaged from his several years out of service, and has several rips on his body while there is no fur at ALL covering his legs. 
Foxy's egg

Foxy's egg


During the day, Foxy is calm and picky,  at night he likes to hunt down any humans he finds. He is ok with digital humans, but instantly becomes hostile towards real world humans.

Other Notes Edit

He is known as the Pirate Fox creature.

He is the most tied in to the FNAF fandom 
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