The relationship between FNAF, MLP, and HTF.

Physical Edit

-All three groups are animals. -all three are more common on the internet.

Mental Edit

-All three are sought after by the enemies, to the point where HTFs are enslaved by them.

-They used to have a rivalry for the top fandom. After the events of Five Little Niony Friends, the three fandoms formed a friendship, although they still compete at times.

-Usually in MVs, one or more of them handle refrain.

-They seem to work in a crossover web-MLP ponyfied FNAF, only to be turned into ponymatronics, wheras HTF did the same way. It is also notable they fuse the most.

-The ponies often allow the Happy Tree Friends and Animatronics to ride on their backs.

-The Bronies battled the HTFs in

-There are rumors that MLP referenced HTF[1] in The Return Of Harmony[2] (during Pinkie Pie's corruption)

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