"DreamPuffs, my friend. They sent you and your dog here as a test to discover who you really are" -Unknown Voice , to H8_Seed during his Dream Journey

A Dream Journey is a solo adventure a character expieriences.

They are sent to their dream worlds by DreamPuffs when they are in doubt.

Mechanics Edit

The Dream Journey begins when a character suddenly collapses to sleep, then they find themselves falling to their dream world as Unknown Voice asks them "Whats the matter (character's name), isn't this what you always wanted?" They wake up in their Dream Worlds, lead to adventure across them to find out "who they really are".

A character cannot die in their Dream Journeys. According to Unknown Voice, DreamPuffs use their magic to keep characters from falling off ledges, being killed by animals, drowning, or starving. Meanwhile, in the actual world, they are asleep and cannot wake up until their journeys are finished.

Once the character has finished, they evolve into their next form in the Dream World, and are sent back to the actual world where they wake up, feeling stronger and, most of all, happier. 

Known Dream JourniesEdit

List of Dream Journeys.


Russell begins to question if he is really loved or his friends are just using him. 


H8-Seed wants to have normal features like the other bronies.


After seeing several OCs with special abilities like her get thrown into Bad MLP OCs, she begins to question her worth.


Handy questions why he was created without hands, and if there is any other reason than being a joke towards handicapped. 

Lavender HarmonyEdit

After seeing her friends play with her owners, she began to reflect on her owner abandoning her. Her question is answered when her friends are captured by Hamsha in the dream world and she has to go by herself to save them. 


He is stressed by his fanbase.