Cloudy Day is one of Doodle 2's oc ponies. 
Cloudy Day

Cloudy's current form.

Name Cloudy Day
Other names Clouds
Type ELectric-Fairy
Gender Female
allies Doodle 2, Bronies, Digitals
alliance good
group Bronies

Appearance Edit

Cloudy is a sky blue unicorn mare with white patches, and blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a cloud.

Personality Edit

She is very bubbly, adventurous, and cheerful. She does her best for people to be pleased with her.

Origin Edit

Cloudy was created as a "background" OC. When he went to have her rated, she was given a surprisingly good review (atleast compared to Nightmare and Neonpaw ) much to her delight. She was there to reunite with them at the end of MissingDanceParty

Other NotesEdit

En egg

Cloudy's egg.

Cloudy drawing 2

Cloudy drawing

Cloudy Day cutie mark

Her new mark

She is known as the Cloud Creature