The Chimera is a type of creature.

Types of Chimera Edit

True Chimera-Basic Chimera.

Dragon Chimera-Same as the True Chimera, except with a dragon's head and wings in between the lion and goat heads.

Lauren's Chimera -Same as the True Chimera, but this one is MLP styled and has a tiger head in place of the lion one. They are named after Lauren Faust, the creator of MLP.

Calico Chimera-does not have a goat head, but does have a goat body.

Chimera Dragon-a Chimera-Dragon hybrid from Dragon City.

Behavior Edit

These are highly territorial and easy to set off. Their diet is very mixed due to their different animal heads. There are multiple methods to defeating them, such as luring them into traps with foods such as meats or choking one of its heads with honey or any other gooey material.

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