Chica is a character in Get Ready. 
Name  Chica
Other names Chick, Cutie
Type Dark electric
Gender Female
allies Digitals, children
enemies any humans from the real world
alliance neutral
Group Five Nights at Freddy's, Video Games

Appearance Edit

2014-11-28 16.04.09


Chica is a yellow chicken. She has an orange beak, purple eyes, and a bib which reads "LETS EAT!!!" in yellow letters decorated with red, green, and blue specks. In the sequel, her body (mostly her face) is strangely reformed, her beak a different shape (probably so she looks more like a chicken-many are confused she is a duck due to her color) and showing her teeth, both of her arms torn off and trailing wires, and several rips on her legs and arm stumps. 

Chica in 2

Personality Edit

Chica is normally adventurous an sporty. She really likes to eat! During the day she sings for the others, but at night she likes to hunt down any humans she finds. She is ok with digital humans, but instantly becomes hostile
Chica's egg

Chica's egg

towards real world humans.

Other NotesEdit

She is known as the Animatronic Chick creature