BronyDanceParty is a character in Get Ready. 

Pony joe brony dance party by flutterknight-d4q0kbw


Name BronyDanceParty
Other names Orange Hooves, Film Reel, Brony, Pony Joe
Gender Male
Type Electric-Normal
Allies Bronies, Digitals
enemies Hamsha, FGG
alliance good
group  Bronies

Appearance Edit

He is a dark blue stallion with a yellow Derpy-style mane and Big Mac style tail, and black eyes. His most notable feature is his orange hooves. His cutie mark is a film reel with multicolored film. 
BDP'S egg

Brony's egg

Personality Edit

He is very fun loving, playful, and cheerful, although in MissingDanceParty his feelings seem to be easily hurt to the point of running away from home. Whenever he's happy to see someone, or just saying "Thank You!" he licks your face.

Origin Edit

Was created for a stop-motion Lego video made by his owner (an episode where a character was turned into a pony)

Sometime later, he met Alex S. and Ken Aschorp. They seemed impressed with him and asked if he could do animations for them. He shyly agreed, and they performed their first PMV, 20 Percent Cooler . He's been making animations ever since, always ready to greet a new brony with a lick to the face!

Other NotesEdit

He is known as the Motion Pony creature.