Boss Pegasus is, as his name states, the leader of the Spectra Factory 
Awokenmtlt s oc awoken by lt fleur-d6m2m73

Appearance Edit

A dark gray pegasus with a red and green striped mane and tail, and red eyes. His cutie mark is a gear with an eyeball in its center.

Personality Edit

He is very cruel and cold hearted, and does not care for his workers whatsoever. Later in the course of his episode we find out from Mixi that, apparently, his parents were insane and taught him how to be a sadist when he grew up.

Other NotesEdit

Me Talking:Edit

So who is this OC outside of the Get Ready universe? Allow me to explain. In reality he is an OC named "Awoken MTLT". (He was related to an image of Mixi in a rainbow factory suit, which BTW inspired me to make her an SF member). I saw his images and decided he would make the perfect pony to abuse H8_Seed . Here are the accounts to this awesome stallion's awesome owners:

If they don't appear as links, just paste them in your favorite search engine and it should take you to their profiles. 

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