Bonnie is a character in Get Ready. 


Bonnie plays guitar during the day.

Name Bonnnie
other names Faceless
Type dark-poison
gender male 
allies Digitals, Animatronics, children
enemies any human from the real world
alliance neutral
group Five Nights at Freddy's, Video Games

Appearance Edit

Bonnie is a purple bunny with maroon/pink eyes, and a red bow tie. During the day he plays guitar for the others, but at night he likes to hunt down any humans he finds. He is ok with digital humans, but instantly becomes hostile towards real world humans. 

In the sequel  to his game, Bonniehas rips on his thighs and body, and a missing right arm. His most notable feature, however, is the loss of his face up to his lower jaw. His endoskeleton eyes can still be seen, however, except they are red. 

640px-Bonnie In Front Of Player

Bonnies appearance in 2.

Personality Edit

Bonnie's egg

Bonnie's egg

Like Cuddles, Bonnie is a rebellious and fun loving figure. He dislikes being ignored. 

Other NotesEdit

He is known as the Animatronic Rabbit creature