Big Macintosh (or Big Mac) is a character in Get Ready. 
Name Big Macintosh
other names Big Mac, Macky
gender Male
type Grass-Ground
allies Ponies, Bronies, Digitals
enemies Bronies (formerly), Hamsha
Alliance good
group Canon Ponies

Appearance Edit

He is a large red earth pony stallion with light colored hooves, an orange mane and tail, and green eyes. He wears a work collar around his neck at all times. His cutie mark is half a green apple. 

Personality Edit

He is calm and usually without too much emotion (he rarely ever says anything other than "Yup" or "Nope"). But on occasions, he shows emotion like at "Big Mac did....What?" where he was shown crying due to fright, and "Catmas" where he angrily tried to fight off an insane Doodle 2.