AbluSkittle is a character in Get Ready. 
A blu skittle animation rig oc reference image by abluskittle-d58q10j
Name AbluSkittle
Other names Bluey, Skittles, Skype Pony
Gender Male
Type Electric-Flying
Allies Bronies, Digitals
Enemies Hamsha
Alliance good
Group Bronies

Appearance Edit

He is a white/light gray pegasus stallion with an orange, blue and light blue mane and tail, and orange eyes. His cutie mark is a blue skittle, hence his name.



He is very calm and friendly, often helping out BronyDanceParty with his plans.  However,  when he sees another character holding Skittles his personality flips-he becomes hostile and aggressive, ignoring and pushing away everything in sight until he gets his hooves on his favorite bite-sized candies. 

Other NotesEdit

He is known as the Social Pegasus creature

AbluSkittle's egg

AbluSkittle's egg